On the account of our historical background, we have been in affiliation with Shakti Samuha since its establishment. Shakti Samuha has been working for the survivors of internal and external trafficking, so we felt the need for the existence of a separate organization, which would deal with those women who were facing two kinds of violence, as some of the survivors had to go through the horror of being victims of trafficking and they contracted HIV infection. So the rationale of this organization was to work for such women. But now we have expanded our working to HIV positive women no matter if they are survivors of trafficking or not. The Nepalese society considers HIV positive women as immoral and on top of that if the woman has been infected after being trafficked, the situation is even worse in such case. The HIV positive survivors do not have a platform to speak up for their rights, and providing a platform to such women is one of the objectives of Shakti Milan Samaj.