Shakti Milan Samaj (SMS) is an apolitical, non-profit organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal started by three HIV positive women who were trafficked and rescued in 1996, came together with a common mission to support and work for the empowerment of the trafficked HIV infected women and their children infected and affected by HIV. This independent group was formed in 2003 and was legally registered as an independent NGO in 2006 addressing the urgent need of an institution that could support and provide holistic services to the trafficked HIV infected women and their children who are deprived of their fundamental needs from the society. Since then the organization has grown in providing holistic services and support not only to the trafficked HIV infected women survivors, but to the HIV infected mothers and their children and the vulnerable groups.

SMS believes in achieving success through collective effort and association, and therefore SMS has long been associated with the network working against human trafficking and on the issues of People Living with HIV/AIDS. A founder member and an Executive Director of SMS also served as a president of NAP+N, a network on the issues of HIV and a network called Alliance against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN). Nepalese society considers HIV positive women as sinful and impure to live in the society. They are reluctant of the fact that anyone can be HIV infected and HIV infection is widespread in every class and case of society/community. The conditions are much worse for women because of the patriarchal mindset who blames women who are responsible  and condemns her even if she is infected by her own husband. Shakti Milan Samaj thrives to provide these women a platform to speak up for their rights and fight for their dignity and respect. It thrives to create an environment for the HIV infected women and children where they will not be accepted by the society with pity but as an important member.

 SMS's Vision

A just society where the rights of all individuals are respected, protected, and fulfilled particularly the rights of women and children. SMS envisions a Nepalese society where people are not discriminated based on their socio-economic and health status and all have opportunities to live a healthy and prosperous life, for example the life of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA).

SMS's Vision

SMS works with the most vulnerable and marginalized population groups in Nepal to improve their overall social, economic and health situation. The non-exhaustive list of such population groups includes women and children living with HIV, girls/women survivors of human trafficking, PLHIV, women victims of violence that are in various forms.

SMS's Values and Principles 

The agency's values and principles are interwoven with each other, and one is derived from another and vice-versa. These include Confidentiality, Partnership, Neutrality, Transparency, and Accountability.