Sms is a non- governmental organization, who believes that networking in  national and international , team work , collective activities and actions  for HIV/AIDS Issues, we feeling , exchange of information , helping hands, sharing of concept ,vision, mission, knowledge and information is a key dimensions to the success as for addressing the HIV/AIDS issues and  challenges are concerned,  this facts are critically analyzed by SMS team ; hence  organization always tries to   join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives. In this regards; the SMS has joined the following important network formed at national levels.
National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N)

National  Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal (NAP+N) is a non-political, non religious, non-governmental, non-profitable, autonomous network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and as such, a platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint action and collective endeavor between PLHA and HIV/AIDS organizations in Nepal. NAP+N is established in 2003 in order to combat this epidemic with the joint effort of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal. The common goal was “To unite all those living with the virus in Nepal and fight back”. ( SMS became member of NAP+N during 2006.
National federation of women living with HIV and AIDS (NFWLHA)

The National Federation of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NFWLHA), based in Lalitpur, Nepal, is a network of 26 organizations committed to highlighting and responding to the needs of women living with HIV and their children. The network seeks to develop the capacities of its members through coordinated activities, communication and advocacy. The women of NFWLHA focus their efforts on HIV prevention, including voluntary counseling and testing, and the reduction of stigma and discrimination. The organizations also reaches out to marginalized groups and other organizations led by HIV positive women. Active in fifteen locations, the Federation advocates for national policy and legal reform, and acts to reduce social stigma in the community through the involvement of affected family members. ( .Sms became member of national federation of women living with HIV during 2011 A.D 
Alliance against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN)

Established in 1997, Alliance against Trafficking in Women & Children in Nepal (AATWIN) has been working to raise the strong and collective voice against the human trafficking. From the very beginning it has been working for the policy change in local, national to international level. Besides it has made great effort for the conceptual clarity among the member organizations and people in general. ( Sms became member of (AATWIN) during 2007 A.D